Hua Hin Weather

Hua Hin Weather

The Hua Hin weather is perfect for sun lovers – only a few days per year you will find rainy days, usually in the months from September until middle of November you will have regular showers in the late afternoon which seldom last longer than an hour. Almost the whole year you can spend most of the day outside at the beaches or on the golf courses.

Thailand is ruled by seasons as most of the other asian countries, although they can vary quite markedly from the north to the south. The climate Hua Hin in generally tropical with three distinct seasons, cool from November to February, hot from March to June, and rainy from July to October. Thais will refer to these as “cool, dry”, “hot” and “rainy”. Due its special microclimate induced by geographic factors, Hua Hin is drier and sunnier than surrounding destinations in Thailand.

As for the rainy season, this term only means that it may rain occasionally for a few hours in the evening, in tropical fashion in short bursts while the air is warm and balmy. The rainy season is absolutely a fine time to travel to Hua Hin because everthing is green and blooming. Hardly an activity will be spoiled by the weather, not even a round of golf in Hua Hin. The average daily temperature in Hua Hin, Cha-Am and Pranburi is remarkably consistent throughout the year. It varies from a low of 25.6° Celsius in January to a high of 29.9° in April and May. There is a much greater variation in the amount of rain. The average is 4.1mm in January and slightly over 200mm in October and November.

If you’re especially adverse to extreme heat, avoid between April and May when the Hua Hin weather is especially hot and sticky with temperatures around 34° Celsius. However, don’t fret if you do choose to come then: one of Thailand’s most celebrated festivals, Songkran (the Thai New Year or Water Festival), takes place in the second week of April, and involves lots of refreshing water-throwing to help cool everyone down.


Hua Hin weather seasons

Dry season in Hua Hin

Roughly speaking the “cool,dry” season is from November-February. At this time of year, nights can get cool with under 20 degree and the average temperature is 26 degrees centigrade. There is plenty of sunshine from morning to evening, although it is not as strong as later in the year. Tides are high and it can get windy in the afternoons, although rain is very seldom seen in this period of the year.

Hot season in Hua Hin

The “hot” season lasts from mid of February until the end of June. Temperatures can easily reach an average of 29 degrees centigrade, with daytime heat rising to 35 degrees and higher. The nights are also hot and the humidity rises. Tides are not so high, but it can again get windy in the afternoons. Rain showers can occur during the hot season and they get somewhat more frequent from May onwards but lasting generally not longer than an hour.

Wet season in Hua Hin

The rain get more steady in July and the following months. However, due to geographic intricacies the rain is less frequent and less heavy in Hua Hin than at other beach destinations in Thailand. You can expect temperatures to be at an average of 28 degrees centigrade with the evenings slightly cooler than in the hot season. During these months Hua Hin really feels tropical with lush green and spectacular cloud formations a daily occurrence. Mornings can be overcast, but most days brighten up and become hot and humid. Any rain is normally reserved for mid afternoons as cloud cover builds up over the hills in Burma (Myanmar) and when showers occur, they don’t last long and are a refreshing respite to the balmy days. Tides are low and the sea is generally calm.

Hua Hin Climate



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