Useful phone numbers Hua Hin

Useful phone numbers Hua Hin

In case of any problem during your stay in Thailand you will find all useful numbers of Hua Hin here for government and emergency services. The phone numbers of all hospitals, schools, immigration , tourist police and many more places are summarized for all possible situations. If you cant find the right number dont hesitate to contact us directly.

Useful numbers of government and emergency services

Police: 191 (emergency) / 032-511-027
Highway police: 1193
Tourist police: 1155
Fire station: 199 (emergency) / 032-511-666
Ambulance: 1554
Medical emergency: 1669
Electrical call centre: 1129
Bangkok hospital: 1719 / 033-616-800
San Paolo hospital: 033-532-576
Cha Am hospital: 032-471-808
Hua Hin hospital: 032-520-401
Bus station: 032-514-477
Railway station: 032-512-770
Municipality: 032-511-047
Immigration: 032-522-656
Tourist info centre: 032-511-047
Water supply: 032-511-677
Post office: 032-511-063
Power board:032-512-215
Wildlife rescue centre: 032-458-135



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