5 of the Best Beaches in Southern Thailand

5 of the Best Beaches in Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand sprawls across the coasts of the Malay Peninsula, flanked by the Gulf of Thailand to the east and the Andaman Sea to the west. The provinces here are famous across the globe for their stunning oceans and luxury resorts – but if you’re planning to visit, which should you choose? Here’s a rundown of some of the best beaches Thailand has to offer.

1. Hua Hin Beach, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

Hua Hin is settled on the eastern coast, just south of Bangkok. The town itself has royal roots, getting its start as a resort nearly a century ago when King Prajadhipok fell in love with the allure of the beachside town.

Today, it remains a sanctuary for many members of the Thai elite, but regular visitors are invited to enjoy the world-class delights of Hua Hin. The almost 4-mile long beach at Hua Hin is prized for the calm, clear beauty of its waters, soft white sand, and rows of sea pines swaying the breeze. Facing east, Hua Hin Beach lets you greet each day by watching the sun rise over the gulf.

Hua Hin is growing increasingly popular for expats looking to spend their retirement years by the glittering Gulf of Thailand or otherwise invest in Thai coastal real estate. Those interested in buying property or renting in Hua Hin have a huge selection of condos and homes to choose from, and all properties are relatively close to the unrivaled beauty of Hua Hin Beach. Whether you’re looking to relocate permanently or just stay for a visit, trendy Hua Hin is one of your top choices.

2. Had Yao Beach, Krabi Province

Had Yao is a place of untouched charm – the beach is one of the last in the province that has not undergone major development, meaning its natural features have been allowed to shine through.

Visitors are often drawn to Had Yao’s seclusion and can only access the sandy shores by boat or by foot. But the trek is undeniably worth it, as the coast is dotted with long-tail boats and old homes on stilts. After a day enjoying the white sandy shores, travelers can retreat to one of the many comfortable resort hotels available nearby.

3. Chaweng Beach, Ko Samui Province

The biggest beach in Ko Samui is also – rightfully – one of the most popular. Chaweng Beach truly has something for everyone, as it’s friendly for all price ranges and for families and singles alike.

Visitors can check out Chaweng’s specialty dive spots for a peek into the wild beauty hidden beneath the gentle waves or stick to the sands and sample some of the fine local cuisine offered by both world-class restaurants and street vendors.

4. Karon Beach, Phuket Province

Those looking to travel with their families will enjoy Hat Karon, or Karon Beach, located in Phuket.

It’s not the largest beach in Phuket, but that’s precisely why it’s one of the best. Those looking to escape the crowded shores of other beaches in the province will adore the quiet atmosphere of Karon Beach. It’s a place to escape from the world and enjoy the waves of the Andaman Sea lapping at your feet.

Oh, and don’t worry about staying too late into the day. Karon Beach faces west, so every evening is a new chance to watch the glowing sun dip behind the horizon.

5. Patong Beach, Phuket Province

For the party goers out there, you’ve found your paradise on the sands of Patong Beach. Bursting with vibrant neon lights, beautiful white sand, and a wide selection of world-renowned places to eat and party, there’s always something to do at Patong Beach.

While most of the attention is given to the different venues and entertainment options in Patong, the beach is a real gem in and of itself. Stretching out to be just under 2 miles long, it’s ever-busy with people playing beach volleyball, splashing around in the waves, and enjoying the crystal clear blue waters of the Andaman.



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