7 Tips for Decorating Your Beach Condo

7 Tips for Decorating Your Beach Condo

Picture this: you arrive at your lovely beach condo you’ve worked so hard over the years for, the ocean is lapping at the shore in your backyard, the air smells of salt and tropical flowers. The greenery and animals around you bring on this ultra-serene feeling. You breathe in and out, and you are at peace.

If you’re lucky, this vision is not so far off. A beach house or beach condo is an amazing luxury to add to your life when you’ve worked hard and want a permanent place to escape when needed. The property, the location, and the ambiance can be the perfect ingredients for a tranquil getaway, but if the beach home is not decorated with the right touch, your “escape” may feel more like an enclosure.

Whether your beach condo is on the beautiful shores of Hua Hin in Thailand, or the Pacific coast of California, there are some universal style guidelines to help decorate the perfect beach place. We’ve rounded up our best pieces of advice to help you on your beach house decorating journey. To get all the tools needed to finish your getaway place perfectly, keep on reading.

1. Don’t Pick a Theme

An easy trap that beach condo owners fall into is picking a beach-related theme (or another theme) and sticking to it in every room, with every item. This is what takes a beach house from breezy to obnoxious. It’s old news now. Trust us, leave the seahorse shower curtain at the store and focus on something a bit broader.

2. Do Pick a Style

If you still love the idea of celebrating the ocean throughout your beach condo, you can still pick a “nautical” style or a “beachy bohemian” style to tie the house together. If that’s not much your taste, go with contemporary, rustic or whatever suits your fancy. An overarching theme will keep a feeling of consistency without overdoing it.

3. Acknowledge Coastal Style with Natural Elements

Rather than purchasing starfish table accents and a life preserver wall hanging, pick a more natural way to nod to the coast. Things like seashells handpicked from your shore, sea glass, driftwood, or even layered sand can act as unique styling elements that bring the outdoors in and infuse the rooms with nature.

4. Beware of Wicker

At this point, it seems like wicker is the natural choice of furniture for a beach condo. But just because it’s traditional doesn’t mean it’s the only option, though. Wicker has become a bit played out over all these years, so switch it up by picking light-stained wood with neutral fabrics and marble accents to keep things light and fresh.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Beach condos are a place of FUN! They are the anti-normal, the opposite of a suburban house, and the farthest thing from an office. Let that fun influence your decorating decisions by allowing color into the home in unique ways. Turquoise blue kitchenware would be a great pop to a kitchen filled with white marble, or maybe a bright yellow patio table would be the perfect complement to breakfasts with a view.

6. Stay Away from Carpet… Far, Far Away

Carpet will eat up any loose sand and keep it ingrained in your home. While it might be nice to have carpet to keep sand from sticking the bottom of your feet as you walk, it won’t be cleaned as regularly because all it does is hide the evidence. The humidity from the near ocean will also bring a high level of moisture into the home, causing carpet to get musty.

7. Keep It Durable

The great location of a beach condo also makes it more susceptible to natural disasters and just regular wear and tear. On the inside, it’s also going to get high traffic from kids or grandkids, timeshare renters, and beachy bodies. Keeping your home filled with durable materials will wick away sand, water, dirt, and sweat without sacrificing beauty.

If you haven’t yet landed the beach condo of your dreams, it’s never too late. What better place to create your private escape than in the exotic and beautiful Hua Hin, Thailand? With the help of Hua Hin Property Partners, you can find a gorgeous property perfect for your getaway needs.



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