8 Thai Holidays and Festivals You Should Know About

8 Thai Holidays and Festivals You Should Know About

If you plan on visiting Thailand, there are some holidays you want to know about to make the most of your traveling experience. Most of these festivities take place in temple grounds, but there are many parades and fun events outdoors that we encourage you to be a part of as well.

If you are excited to visit and truly indulge in Thai culture, here are 8 celebrations that you should know about.

1. New Year’s Day

New Years’ in Thailand makes for an unforgettable experience. Be prepared for large crowds of people at tourist attractions, plenty of nightlife entertainment, and several food options to choose from. You won’t be disappointed in spending this special day in a country as breathtaking as this one, with their very own, unique cultural celebrations.

2. Makha Bucha Day

On March 1st, Thais celebrate the gathering of over 1,000 enlightened Buddha disciples ordained by Buddha himself! Monks come together to listen to Buddha’s teaching and devout Buddhists visit temples for special observances. You can take part in this special holiday and observe the procession of these activities.

3. Songkran Day

If you’re visiting Thailand from April 13-16 be sure to be a part of Songkran Day which is celebrated for a total of three days. We encourage you to visit Songkran, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, or Phuket on these dates for these locations are known for their Buddhist festivities and water fights on the streets! You will see both the calm and crazy sides during this event.

We do want to point out that Songkran is home to a three-day water fight which is the largest and longest festival in Thailand. These three days are filled with dancing, music, and drinking. People use water guns, buckets, hose pipes, and just about anything to splash those around them.

4. Labor Day

We will keep this celebration nice and short. Labor Day is celebrated in Thailand on May 1st. It is dedicated to people who work in private sectors and banks. While this is a holiday, shops and malls are still open.

5. Mother’s and Father’s Day

Treat your mother to an unforgettable vacation on her special day! This festivity is celebrated August 12-13. It is also the birthday of Queen Sirikit which is another reason these days are special for Thais. Be on the lookout for special discounts for moms within restaurants, public transport, and stores.

Hand in hand, there is a special day set aside for all the dads in Thailand! This event falls on December 5th and it is also King Rama IX’s birthday. You can expect great discounts for all fathers at stores, restaurants, and public transport.

6. Constitution Day

You can expect elaborate and fun celebrations on December 10th which marks Thailand’s first constitution. There are many parades and fireworks to remember the Thai kings and to thank the monarchy for allowing them to run their country.

7. Lantern Festival

Every year in November, Chiang Mai hosts a lantern festival which is one of the most breath-taking festivals you’ll ever participate in. A remarkable sight, thousands of people get together at the Peng River to release paper lanterns. Watching them float away into the sky is remarkable and a great time to take some stunning photos!

8. Buffalo Racing

Yes, you read that right! If you are in Thailand in October be sure to visit Chonburi and enjoy buffalo racing. One of the countries best festivals, you will be impressed by the speed of these massive animals. This tradition has been around for over 100 years and it brings in huge crowds of people every year.

The race is 100 meters long and located in front of Chonburi City Hall. While the buffalo race is the main attraction, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy before and after this event. There is a small fair for children, shops you can browse through, and great food to enjoy.

If you happen to be in Thailand during any of these dates, we strongly encourage you to be a part of these festivities. At Hua Hin Property, we offer beautiful condos, villas, and homes to rent or own and guarantee we’ll help you find your dream home in Thailand.



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