What’s the Best Way to Learn Thai in Hua Hin?

What’s the Best Way to Learn Thai in Hua Hin?

Moving or visiting a new country can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming. You are being exposed to new cultures, food, traditions, and of course a language you may be unfamiliar with.

The language barrier is often the most difficult to pick up on and get used to. If you are considering visiting – or better yet, moving to Thailand – we suggest you learn Thai to make the most of your experience.

Why Learning Thai in Hua Hin is Important

While there are some people who speak basic English among other languages in Thailand, you will be better off understanding their language. This will make your life easier and you’ll be able to use this newly learned information to your advantage.

Learning to speak a new language is a challenge that brings several rewards including:

  • An increased commodity in the country you’re in
  • Opportunity to communicate with those around you
  • Ability to obtain employment in Thailand (if needed)

You have nothing to lose when you decide to pick up some language classes in Hua Hin. We highly recommend attending school and taking Thai language lessons with a reputable instructor. Not only is this the best way to develop the language, you’ll also be meeting new people and making friends.

Learning Thai

We congratulate you on making the decision to speak Thai. This is a huge leap that will bring many benefits to your life. There are several ways to learn how to speak Thai. However, the best one that we recommend is by attending classes. Having this one on one encounter with a native speaker is a great way to learn quickly and effectively.

If you are not yet settled into your beautiful home in Thailand, there are ways you can learn from the country you reside in. Consider taking an online course or picking up a Thai dictionary to help you learn the basics. Upon your arrival in Thailand, you can enroll in a local school setting to better improve your speaking skills.

We suggest you begin with the basics among them being:

  • Numbers
  • Greetings
  • Everyday words/phrases
  • How to order food

We would like to add that there are various official school that teaches Thai to foreigners in Hua Hin. However, there are several individuals who offer their services. You can easily locate them through word of mouth recommendation, online message boards, or local announcements.

Seeking the help of professionals as well as taking this learning experience into your own hands is the best way to learn Thai. You want to remember that speaking a new language does not happen overnight. It requires several hours of practice, patience, commitment, and motivation on a daily basis. Being fully immersed in the culture and language as you learn Thai, however, will greatly help you practice and learn it.

Additional Tips

Being present in the classes isn’t enough for you to learn to speak Thai. You want to practice outside of class and review the material learned. While you are attending these lessons for your personal benefit, we still recommend using note cards to study words and phrases.

Along with this, consider downloading a mobile application on your phone. These are a great and fun way to constantly be learning the language. You can practice while you’re in line at the bank or in the waiting area of the doctor’s office. A great benefit of mobile applications is that you can use them whenever and where ever.

Don’t underestimate the value of books! As you learn how to speak Thai, pick up some simple books at the library or bookstore – audiobooks are a great selection as well! Don’t be afraid to participate in a conversation in and outside of class and ask the instructor questions as often as need be.

We wish you the best of luck as you take off on this rewarding adventure. This will give you a smooth transition when making Thailand your home abroad. At Hua Hin Property Partner Co, we sell and rent stunning condos, homes and villas that suit a wide variety of likes and preferences. Give us the opportunity to help you find your dream home in beautiful Thailand!



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