Live Like the Locals – What Should You Do For Entertainment in Thailand?

Live Like the Locals – What Should You Do For Entertainment in Thailand?

There’s a little bit of everything for everyone in Thailand, from exquisite beaches to modern cities, ornate temples, and everything in between. The most popular places are bursting with events and attractions to suit every taste, so choosing what to do and where to go can be a little overwhelming at times, especially if you’re trying to pack all the excitement you can into a short stay.

It can be fun to partake in the classic tourist attractions that visitors most commonly hear about. But it’s also never a bad idea to go off the beaten path and explore what the locals love about Thailand. Here are a few ideas of what to do for entertainment during your trip.

Visit a Crafts Market in Chiang Mai

There are tons of street markets in Chiang Mai, selling handmade goods crafted by artisans from local villages and towns in the hills of Thailand. Handwoven fabrics, intricately carved sculptures and wall decorations, stationery and paper fans made from mulberry, tableware made of Thai celadon, and so much more can be found in stalls of the numerous night markets and bazaars found throughout Chiang Mai.

If your wallet starts feeling a little empty, don’t worry – most vendors are open to polite haggling.

Try Street Food Vendors

Street food vendors may seem a little daunting to the picky eaters out there, but traveling is all about experiencing new things, food included! Thailand is famous for mouthwateringly delectable street food, so don’t be afraid to eat like a local!

And don’t limit yourself to just pad thai, either – there are tons of delicious foods out there if you’re willing to try them. Bangkok is known for its street vendor scene, but every place in Thailand has different regional offerings available.

Try dishes like pad si-io (flat rice noodles with meat and soy sauce), kai jeow moo sub (omelet with rice), and khao kha moo (pork leg on rice). And don’t forget dessert, like kluay tod (deep-fried bananas) and khao niew mamuang (mango sticky rice)!

Celebrate Songkran

Songkran Day, the Thai New Year national holiday, is actually on April 13th – but celebrations last for three days, through to April 15th.

Different parts of the country celebrate Songkran differently. Some places hold massive water festivals that are hugely popular with tourists and locals alike. Other places take a less bombastic (but still equally fun) approach by visiting temples and holding traditional parades and festivals.

No matter which way you celebrate it, Songkran is full of fun and excitement in every part of Thailand.

Take a Walk – or a Motorbike Ride

There’s more to Thailand than what’s shown during guided tours. One of the best ways to see what’s out there is just by going for a walk!

Major cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai have so much to see if you just roam around a little, from official parks and hiking trails to hole-in-the-wall cafes and shops that may not make any top ten list but have their own unique charm all the same.

Better yet, rent a motorbike and set out to explore the outskirts of your town. Just be careful of Thailand’s notorious traffic on your way out!

Visit Hua Hin

The Hua Hin District in the Prachuap Khiri Khan province hasn’t always been the gorgeous resort town we know today. This once-small settlement was transformed nearly a century ago by King Prajadhipok, who adored the seaside town so much that he built a summertime palace.

It’s since become a popular spot for other Thai royals, and all the rest of Thailand. There’s a huge list of things to and see in Hua Hin, so you’ve got your work cut out for you if you decide to make it the place of your next vacation. And when you decide to extend your visit to Hua Hin, contact one of our property agents and we’ll help you find a place to rent or buy. Regardless of where you go or what you do in Thailand, make the most of your time and have fun!



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