The Best Things to Do and See in Hua Hin

The Best Things to Do and See in Hua Hin

Hua Hin has long been the favored holiday destination of Thai royalty – and it’s easy to see why. Hua Hin is in an area of immense natural beauty, and nowadays, it boasts all the charms of a hotspot of cosmopolitan living, while its beach location guarantees that you will still enjoy a relaxed getaway.

1. Get Back to Nature at the Kaeng Krachan National Park

If you’re looking to get lost in lush forestry, the Kaeng Krachan National Park may just be the place to do it. Enjoy one of the most beautiful wild landscapes Thailand has to offer, in this, the second largest national park in the country.

Spending a day in Kaeng Krachan is a guaranteed adventure. There are many wild animals in the park, so keep your eyes peeled for orangutans and wily snakes. Walk across rope bridges and dip your feet in waterfalls – get lost to find yourself again in Kaeng Krachan.

2. Spend an Afternoon in bella Italia at The Venezia

If you’re looking for novelty, The Venezia Cha-am has it in spades. Technically, this is a mall – but to say that’s it alone would be a disservice.  Rather, it’s a miniature recreation of Venice – just a stone’s throw away from Hua Hin!

You can shop to your heart’s content, and if you so desire, you can even ride a gondola! Sip an espresso in St. Mark’s Square and sit back and relax in one of the quirkier locations in the area of Hua Hin.

3. Be a Big Kid at Vana Nava Hua Hin Water Jungle

If you’ve not shook off that need for speed, or a childhood passion for rides, grab your swimming trunks and head down to Vana Nava! This waterpark is a great destination for all kids, big and little.

Vana Nava offers all kinds of rides, for thrill seekers and fun seekers all. Take a trip on one of the 19 exciting waterslides. If you’re feeling bold, have a go on The Abyss – at 28 meters tall, it’s the largest waterslide in the whole of Thailand.

4. Play King for the Day at the Mrigadayavan Palace

Hua Hin has long been a favorite destination for Thai royalty, and their beachside Mrigadayavan Palace is a testament to that. Take a trip 12km away from the city to the beautiful Bang Kra beach, where this historic delight awaits.

Once exclusively the summer destination of royalty, the palace is now open to the public. Spend a day in the illustrious grounds of this amazing feature of architecture, to have a taste of how those at the top live.

5. Part with Your Pennies at the Cicada Market

If you’re looking for a truly unique market experience, look no further than the Cicada market. This wonder runs from 4-11pm on weekend evenings, and what a delight awaits!

The Cicada Market isn’t just a place to purchase trinkets – although there are many stalls where local craftsmen will try and tempt you with their wares – it’s a great place to check out the local arts scene. There are some really talented buskers who hang around the Cicada, and every night, some take to the stage at the market.

Sit back and enjoy some great music, while chowing down on food from one of the many stalls, that offer both regional and international delights!

6. Face the Apes at Monkey Mountain, Khao Takiab

Who doesn’t love monkeys? They’re the cheeky little animals who are bold and boisterous, and despite being so different, somehow seem weirdly like us. Take a tuk tuk from Hua Hin to Khao Takiab and scale Monkey Mountain.

Monkey Mountain is a bit of misnomer – it’s only a short(!) 100 steps to scale the height to the beautiful Buddhist Temple at the top. It’s not only great views of the coast that await you at the top – there’s also monkeys. Lots of them.

Adults and kids alike will be delighted by these cheeky little chaps – just make sure to keep hold of your packed lunch, because they’ll try to have it!

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