Top 3 Types of Property Buyers in Thailand

Top 3 Types of Property Buyers in Thailand

Thailand’s housing market is rising, and many investors have observed and jumped in on the trend. Families and retirees, too, see the many benefits available to real estate owners in Thailand. The wide variety of homeowners or renters in Thailand speaks to the array of opportunities and benefits a property in this country may yield for myriad different reasons.

1. Family Fun for All Ages

Some of the main audiences of Thailand’s rich tourism industry are families. Thailand, and smaller tourist cities like Hua Hin especially, are remarkably safe areas to bring a family, even small children.

As a result, over the past several years, many families from across the globe have chosen to invest in property in Thailand, which can serve as a long-term home, or a short-term vacation home for summers, winters, or any time the family can get away from work and other obligations to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Adults and children of all ages can enjoy Thailand’s gorgeous spanning beaches that cover the shoreline of the country, while adults can enjoy places like bella Italia at The Venezia, a gorgeous recreation of Venice, Italy. Restaurants and stores line the streets of more populated towns, allowing for mall days and lots of family fun.

Families have also taken to the many adventures that property owners or visitors in Thailand can enjoy. Kaeng Krachan National Park is a popular destination for families looking for a safe, fun way to experience the natural landscape and view the countless animals that reside in Thailand including orangutans and elephants.

A property abroad is not only great for the immediate family. Many families have purchased properties in recent years to utilize as the site for family gatherings and reunions. Once a property is bought, the only expenses a vacation costs are the cost of travel. For this reason, Thailand has become a popular real estate purchase for large families intending on hosting guests and other family members.

2. Retiring in Style

A restful and relaxing retirement is easier said than done in most cases. Many retirees see Thailand as an opportunity to live adventurously and try new things in the paradise they always dreamed about, without having to go over budget! Thailand is incredibly affordable when it comes to conversion between the Thai baht and the American dollar. More than thirty bahts add up to one dollar, giving any visitors in Thailand incredible financial freedom.

Often in retirement especially, retirees must worry about sustaining a fixed budget for the entirety of their life after retirement. This leads to many retirees not having the ability to take luxurious vacations or spend money on themselves. Many have evaded this economic worry by investing in property in Thailand. This allows them the luxurious vacation of their dreams without having to worry about finances. A budget is easy to maintain when everything is so much more affordable!

3. Property Investors

Real estate is not always a profitable investment. Years of experience with the housing industry are often required in order to be able to understand which investment opportunities are worthwhile in the long run. In the case of Thailand though, many investors have seen real estate as a viable investment opportunity both long-term and short-term.

Those who purchased property in this country a few years back have seen it skyrocket in value in recent years, allowing for more investors to seek this opportunity as well. The skilled property investors who purchase these properties have found success thus far with their investments due to the beauty of the area, and due to the consistent satisfaction that has been voiced by visitors and those who move to the area.

Are You Ready to Join the Trend?

Whether for your family, as a retirement move, or an investment, if you are ready to jump on board of this opportunity to invest in gorgeous real estate in Hua Hin, contact us at Hua Hin Property Partner Co., Ltd. Whether you are interested in purchasing condos or houses, or in renting, we will help you find exactly what you are looking for.



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