What’s the Cost of Living in Hua Hin?

What’s the Cost of Living in Hua Hin?

When planning to move from another country to get a condo in Hua Hin, Thailand, people often do research on the cost of living there. However, they really want to know what the average cost of living there is for a Western expat, typically.

Living in the town as a local is a different story than living on the beach in a rented condo as a retired American enjoying the good life. One of the biggest benefits to getting a condo in Thailand as a foreigner is that it is relatively inexpensive to live a life of luxury. However, because Thailand is not a Western country, it still requires some adaptation.

Here, we’re outlining important living costs for a Western expat living in Hua Hin to generate a good idea of the general cost of living.


Transportation here, especially all their methods of public transportation, are pretty inexpensive. A route through the city via taxi or tuk tuks are usually less than 100 Baht (or $3) if staying in Hua Hin.

Petroleum prices here are much higher, as are prices of personal vehicles. Owning a car here is unnecessary, as public transportation is widely available and much more affordable.


Renting a home or condo is also very affordable here. One can find a one-bedroom condo in walking distance to the Hua Hin beach for about 12,000 Baht ($350-400) per month.

While the rent itself is extremely low, the charges that come from at-home expenses, such as air conditioning, television, and internet, can vary. Depending upon how much you use your air conditioning, the cost for electricity can range from $25-$150 per month, while cable can start as low as $20 per month. Overall, home living expenses can range between $500-$600 per month for a one-bedroom condo.

Still with these add-ons, rental expenses are very low as compared to the United States, Europe, or many other parts of the Western world.


Food is one of the greatest assets Thailand has to offer. In Hua Hin, delicious food options are around every corner at a great affordable price.

A popular restaurant here would charge about 400 Baht ($11) for two adult meals including drinks. You can even find cheaper options for about 150 Baht ($4.50)! You can’t find that kind of deal elsewhere!

Food is definitely an aspect of cost of living where there is money to be saved.


For those planning to spend extended periods of time in Hua Hin, investing in different insurances would be a good option.

Thailand has wonderful health insurance policies, where you can get a huge coverage option for as little as 20,000 Baht ($670) per year. They also have reasonably affordable homeowner’s insurance if you decide to buy. Homeowners can pay as low as 5,000 Baht ($160) per year to have their home pretty extensively covered.

As covered earlier, personal vehicles are not really a necessary expense. If you did decide to purchase a car, you can get insurance in Thailand for 15,000 ($500) that covers most everything — usually including an annual trip to the body shop to correct any minor cosmetic damage that may have occurred over the year.


While it’s fair to say that everyone’s idea of entertainment varies from person to person, we can still estimate general entertainment and lifestyle costs for Western expats living in Hua Hin.

You can get a monthly yoga membership for about the same as in the United States, 1500 Baht ($45) per month. Other practices such as Muay Thai training are also available for similar prices.

Thai massage, as Thailand is famously known for, is cheap and readily available anywhere for about 330 Baht ($10) for a 1.5-hour massage.

Quick trips to places like Bangkok or Chiang Mai could run you about 10,000 Baht ($300) for a weekend, including lodging and food.

Hua Hin – Your New Thailand Destination

With big cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Hua Hin doesn’t get as much attention as it could. This under-the-radar gem boasts incredibly low costs of living with endless entertainment an



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