Why Do So Many Expats Move to Thailand?

Why Do So Many Expats Move to Thailand?

With more and more expatriates leaving their homelands in search of new locales, it is interesting to note that Thailand is an increasingly popular destination. With massive expat communities in major cities like Bangkok, Hua Hin, and Chiang Mai, it begs the question: why is Thailand so popular amongst expats?

There are many reasons why this country is appealing, particularly as an escape from Western life. With expats continuing to relocate, if you are considering a change of scene, here are just a few of the reasons Thailand is such a popular place to lay down new roots.

1. Beautiful Landscape & Climate

From big, bustling cities to beautiful beachside drives, Thailand has plenty of stunning views to offer. Bangkok, the largest city with an expat community to match, is constantly in motion and offers amazing architecture and tons of interesting scenery and activities. Hua Hin, a coastal locale, has beautiful views of the ocean, as well as a nearby mountain range. The weather in Thailand is beautiful and mild, making it seem like almost a permanent vacation spot.

2. Low Cost of Living

Though it increases each year, Thailand still has a comparably low cost of living to other Asian nations and a significantly lower cost than the US or the UK. Larger houses or portions of land in this country are far more affordable, and you can make more money on the job than you would in your homeland.

Supplies are also more affordable, apart from some hefty tariffs on Western imports. So, as long as you adjust to the culture, the price of living is quite low.

3. Interesting History & Culture

Did you know that Thailand is one of the only Asian nations to never have been colonized by Europeans? With a largely militaristic rule, the full history of the country is sometimes unclear, but in recent years, the political climate in this beautiful country has settled. Thailand is a fascinating blend of ancient and modern rules and traditions, with a king still seated at the head of the government.

Furthermore, the culture of Thailand is rich and welcoming. They are a largely Buddhist country and practice religious freedom; expats living there report feeling absolutely no pressure at all to convert to Buddhism. Not to mention, there is a ton of amazing architecture to view all around the country.

4. “Laissez-faire” Attitude

Thai people have a very relaxed nature. They are absolutely welcoming and hospitable, often going out of their way to assist visitors. However, when it comes to living in Thailand and working there, it is very much an easy going “you do your thing and I’ll do mine” sort of living. It can be a weird adjustment from the fast-paced world of the West, but many expats find it refreshing. Apart from the government, most jobs have little pressure to be perfect, and instead just strive to be pleasant and easygoing.

5. Cheap Travel

If you have a wandering spirit, then it is worth noting that traveling from and within Thailand is very cheap compared to many other developed countries. Particularly from Bangkok, which has connections all around the world, you can easily fly to other Asian countries for surprisingly affordable prices.

Furthermore, traveling within Thailand is very easy. There are plenty of transportation options, or you can stick with flying for easy access. After all, if you are making Thailand your new home, why not take the time to explore the rest of the beautiful country?


There are tons of other reasons to move to Thailand. The food is delicious and cheap, the people are pleasant, and the climate is near perfect. It’s a rapidly developing country with a lot to offer to its residents, and moving there is a wonderful choice to make.

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